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Why Join Vel's Tuition?

We Provide Best Knowledge For Your Children. We Do Education not as a profession but, as a Service. We also provide home Tuition.

All Subjects

We provide Tuition lessons for all subjects for students studying from 1st Standard to 12th Standard.

Best Practice

We have best practice materials to prepare students any exams including public theory & practical Exams.

Expert teachers

We have expert teachers and trainers to Guide you the right way through trial and error with minimum time.

Exam Preparation

we prepare students for important exams with best practice methods so they can write their exams Easily.

We Provide


we provide the right study mateials for 10th & 12th students for their Public & practical Exams.

Question Bank

Question Banks help students cut through important question and Focus on it more.

Formula References

With the right references and formulas, students can easily understand and speed up.

We Provide Home Tuitions

The Tuition Follows the student.During Exams, Students look up for Inspiration, Down in Desperation, Looking left and right for Information.
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Practical Lessons

We Provide Practical lessons for 10th & 12th Students to Prepare them for Exams, We give them easy tests so they can Master up harder Subjects Easily.

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